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Land Rover Vehicle Protection Page


At Paul Miller Land Rover, we offer exceptional coverage that protects almost every component of your vehicle. That's why our exclusive Vehicle Protection Plan (VPP) is designed to protect you from the high costs of unanticipated repairs and keep your car in peak mechanical condition.

Some of the benefits of the Paul Miller Land Rover VPP include:

  • Protection against costly repairs due to mechanical failures*
  • Comprehensive coverage
  • Plan that can be transferred or cancelled**
  • Monthly financing for your service agreement
  • Nationwide protection
  • No deductible for covered repairs***
  • Coverage backed by "A" (Excellent) rated insurance companies****

*Breakdown is the failure of a covered part to perform the function for which it was designed under normal service and usage of the vehicle and not due to wear and tear. ** A fee may apply. ***For repairs performed by the retailer that sold you the Service Agreement or any other Land Rover retailer, the deductible will be waived. For repairs performed by any other repair facility, the deductible will be one hundred ($100) dollars.**** These companies are rated by A.M. Best Company, an organization that rates insurance that rates companies A++ to F. The AM Best Company is neither affiliated or endorses the underwriters. Used or remanufactured parts may be used.

Covered Parts/Components Include:
Engine Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: all internally-lubricated parts, including: pistons: pins, rings, connecting rods and bearings, crankshaft and main bearings.

Transmission Components
Parts Covered, but not limited to: (Automatic or Manual) All internally-lubricated parts contained within the cases. Transmission case and transfer case are covered only if the breakdown occurred due to an internally-lubricated part. Torque converter, filler tube, dipstick, vacuum modulator, internal linkage, and transmission mounts are also covered.

Drive Axle Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: (Front and Rear) All internally-lubricated parts contained within the differential housing, transaxle housing and final drive housing (includes housing if the failure occurred due to an internally-lubricated part).

Air Conditioning Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: (Factory-Installed Units Only) Air-conditioner compressor, clutch, clutch pulley, clutch coils, and electrical HVAC actuators.

Heating/Cooling Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: water pump, thermostat, radiator and mounting brackets, fan shroud and fan controller module; and coolant recovery unit.

Electrical Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: starter, alternator, voltage regulator, distributor, ignition coil, wiring harness, solenoids, and ignition switch.
Braking Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: master cylinder, power assist booster, wheels cylinders, combination valves, metal hydraulic lines and fittings, and disc calipers. *Except for items listed in the Exclusions section of the Service Agreement.

Suspension Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: struts, mounting plates, retainer and bushing, upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bushings.

Steering Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: gear housing and all internally-lubricated parts, including the rack and pinion, power steering pump, main and intermediate shafts.

Fuel Delivery Components
Parts covered, but not limited to: fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel tank sending unit, metal and plastic fuel lines, and fuel injectors.

Enhanced Systems Protection
Coverage is available for the hi-tech components in your vehicle. Some of the components covered are: blind spot monitors, hands-free systems, rear monitoring systems, driver information center, keyless access systems, navigation systems, multimedia interface, and voice recognition/command system.

Roadside Assistance
As a Land Rover customer, you have roadside assistance benefits that run for the full duration of your Service Agreement.